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What is central kitchen and benefits of it?

A central kitchen, sometimes known as a commissary kitchen, is a facility that supplies food or commodities to restaurant branches owned by the same company for use or sale at each site. Owners of central kitchens can also rent out their space to new enterprises, food trucks, mobile food carts, and smaller restaurants that lack the space to keep and cook significant amounts of food.

Central kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as more restaurant organisations strive to produce more of its components in-house, such as bread and sauces. The technique allows restaurants to manufacture products in-house at a single location before delivering them to their outlets. They are also useful for basic product and supply storage, as well as food processing, which may involve cooking, freezing, and transporting goods to various places spread across a vast geographic area.

The Advantages of Having a Central Kitchen

Business growth

While your central kitchen space for rent will be utilised to supply things for your restaurants, it will also allow your company to expand into other industries such as food retail and wholesale. Do your customers talk wildly about your tomato sauce and frequently request the recipe? You can jar and sell it at local markets using the resources and space of a central kitchen.

Quality service

Businesses can guarantee a more consistent and taste and quality across their locations because everything is produced in the same place, at the same time, and with the same equipment. The more you make in-house, the less likely it is that you will receive items that do not meet your standards.

More useful for increasing productivity

Central kitchens are more efficient because they allow you to manage your production, human resource, and delivery processes. Because many of the key components of the dishes are created in the central kitchen, your restaurant personnel can focus on precision and providing excellent customer service.

Increase income

If you find that you are not able to use your central shared kitchen to extended periods, you can rent out food trucks, other restaurants, or food entrepreneurs that help you save money.