Stratis GPX delivers the ultimate in sail
performance through reliable shape
retention and light weight laminates.

Stratis GPX laminates can be specified with double films for
ultimate performance or a single film and taffeta for slightly better
durability with minimal weight gain.

GPX uses combinations of high performance Kevlar and/or carbon
fibre as the primary load bearing yarns. These fibres, mixed with
specialist resins, produce sails with a combination or durability,
high performance and weight saving.

As well as carbon fibre and Kevlar, a combination of Twaron,
Technora and PEN can also used in the construction of a Stratis
GPX laminate sail.

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Proven offshore
and inshore,
Stratis continues to
fill the trophy shelf.

Fibres used in
Stratis GPX

For a more technical
description of each
please see our Materials
page »


PEN is the big brother of PET. It was invented very shortly after PET but only commercialised in the 1990’s after Amoco started the first plant to produce the NDA needed to make it affordable in commercial quantities.

Kevlar and Twaron

These yellow coloured fibres are also very high in strength and low in stretch and have been used in sails for many years.  Kevlar and Twaron are suitable for most mid range racing applications, and while they are not as high performance as carbon they are better performing than any other fibre. Kevlar and Twaron have the advantage of better resistance to flex than carbon.

Both Kevlar and Twaron are native to Stratis GPX where they are used alone or combined with carbon fibre. Twaron will also be available as a dope-dyed black fibre late in 2011, for those looking for a higher modulus fibre than Technora, but still wanting to retain the look of a full black fibre sail.


Technora is also made by Teijin, the manufacturers of Twaron, and is a closerelative of PPTA. It is a copolymer, which means it is comprised of two different building blocks instead of just one. The second component that is added to the structure introduces a regularly repeating kink in the...

Carbon Fibre

The element carbon has two allotropes, diamond and graphite. The microstructure of carbon fibres is based on the hexagonal layer structure of graphite, however commercial carbon fibres lack true three-dimensional order between layer planes. This incompletely ordered graphite structure is termed graphene.


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