STRATIS sails are a popular choice for both cruising and racing superyachts.

Stratis pre-impregnated fibre technology provides unmatched flexibility in fibre orientation, accuracy of placement and superior lamination. All fibres are load bearing, converging to every load point on the sail. This layout produces stronger, lighter sails that are much smoother when set. The sails hold their shape better with significantly less stretch, and will last longer than conventional panel sails.


External polyester taffetas provide excellent durability and improve the flex properties of the laminate and protect fibres and films from abrasion and UV damage. Taffetas can be incorporated on one or both sides of the sail.


Stratis laminates using either clear UV absorbing films or Ti02 coated taffetas with UV absorbers provide much greater protection from UV than standard PET film laminates.


Fibre paths laid to every reef and load point eliminate the potential distortion or laminate breakdown of conventional panel sails.


Stratis boom furling mainsails and roller furling headsails are custom designed with fibres laid for loads generated when the sail is furled. In conventional furling sails the uneven thickness of large reefing patches on the leech inhibits smooth furling. Stratis eliminates this problem, enabling smooth furling with a series of reefing positions.

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