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Fair Employment Practices In Singapore: Various Steps And Rules That Are Involved

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Some of the recommended steps in the process of providing fair employment practices in singapore are:

  1. Top management is known to implement various policies addressing fair employment and business practices. It includes:
  • Pay policy

Pay is considered to be an issue affecting various employees. The value of possessing a pay policy is establishing consistent and fair pay practices and avoiding any misunderstandings. A person might wish to primarily review the summary of wage and hour laws before establishing the pay policy. He can also refer to the report-in and on-call pay policy and other time-off policies referenced in the process of establishing a paid time-off program.

  • Drug and alcohol control policy

Emphasizing the tolerance of alcohol and drug abuse by a company is generally considered a food practice. The company might be held liable for injuries and damages related to alcohol or drugs occurring at the workplace of a company in case it does not possess effective practices and policies for efficiently handling alcohol and drug abuse.

  1. Remind and inform the employees about these policies during orientation programs for the newly hired employees. Post these policies on the bulletin board and the internal website of the company. Apart from this, encourage employees to promptly report various harassment or other behavior contrary to such policies to the HR or the manager.
  2. Top management of the company should show full support of these policies by practicing the behavior prescribed by the company.
  3. Train managers and supervisors on how to effectively maintain a work environment encouraging compliance with fair employment practices in singaporeTraining is valuable as a defense against harassment charges or discrimination and as a prevention tool.


Top management must follow these rules and policies or be held credible to their employees. It is better not to have a written policy instead of having one and not following it.