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Why Go To Invisalign Dentist Singapore?

Invisalign is done for the alignment of the teeth. In this process, aligners, also called retainers, are put on the teeth for some time to align the teeth. Before the process alignment, a 3D print is taken to know about the current situation on the teeth and all the possible treatments that can be done. There are a lot of options available when it comes to getting Algiers. People can also get colored aligners if they want.

Ashford Dental Center is the best invisalign dentist singapore. They provide all the services related to retainers and aligning the teeth.

Process OfInvisalign

  • At first, all the measurements of the teeth are taken. The photos and e-rays are very important to decide what kind of treatment is suited. A 3D impression is also taken.
  • A list of all the changes that need to happen is made.
  • The penitent is informed about the changes and what to expect after the treatment; they also discuss the pricing and choice of retainers at this point.
  • After finalizing everything, the process of putting retainers starts.

On average, every 4 to 5 weeks, the patient needs to visit the Invisalign dentist in Singapore because of the adjustment that needs to happen to do the process smoothly. The best part of getting retainers is that they are not that painful, and you don’t have to visit the dentist in a short period. The duration of treatment is dependent on the patient’s condition.

Before starting the treatment, the patient must have an informative conversation with the doctor to void any complications later.